Careers at Antone, Casagrande & Adwers, P.C.

At Antone, Casagrande & Adwers, P.C., we pride ourselves in our involvement in the field of immigration law, and in the way we treat our clients and each other.
We take our obligation to provide the best possible service to our clients seriously and although we work hard, we enjoy a congenial atmosphere with a spirit of cooperation.

We are continually on the lookout for dynamic individuals to fill a variety of positions. All of the positions require excellent scholastic performance, a demonstrated interest in the field of immigration law, interest in diverse cultures, and a belief in the value of immigration to our society. Positions available may include:

  • Training Interns: usually college students aiming for exposure to the immigration field.
  • Legal Assistants:  typically someone who has completed college and wishes to work in the field for at least a year before attending law school.
  • Paralegals and Senior Legal Assistants: usually someone who desires to have a career in the field of immigration law, and had either attended college, or acquired substantial experience in the field.
  • Law Clerks: attending law school and desiring to clerk in the immigration field, either part-time or full-time while attending law school.
  • Business Immigration Associates: law school graduates or practicing attorneys desiring to specialize in business-based immigration, which may involve work visas, corporate transfers, employment-based immigration, family immigration, assisting alien professionals to obtain residency, etc.
  • Removal Immigration Associates: law school graduates or practicing attorneys desiring to specialize in Removals, advocacy before the immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or Federal Courts. May also involve Asylum cases, border representation, criminal alien detention, criminal alien removal, and similar cases.

If interested, please mail (or email) your resume to our office address, Attention: Hiring Partner. Please attach a cover letter if possible and transcripts (if available; need not be official). Please be sure to let us know which position you are interested in. We request that you please avoid calling, whether before or after the submittal. We normally contact an applicant in whom we are interested within two months of the submittal; otherwise, it is unlikely you will hear from us. You can submit your application up to a year before the date in which you wish or can start employment. Thank you for your interest in our firm.

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