At Antone Casagrande & Adwers, an AV rated immigration law firm, our attorneys have experience assisting companies, their in-house counsel and Human Resource departments with a large variety of immigration matters when bringing in qualified workers from across the world and making sure your company remains compliant with all immigration regulations pertaining to your diverse workforce. Some of the more frequently requested corporate services we offer are outlined below, but the list is not exhaustive. For more information, please call or email our office at

I-9 Compliance Services

As part of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), all employers must have an I-9 form for each of their employees which they must retain. This is to ensure that employers are only hiring employees who have the required documentation authorizing them to work in the United States. Compliance with I-9 requirements can be difficult, and the consequences for non-compliance can be incredibly hefty fines or other penalties. Our team of qualified immigration attorneys is available to help review your hiring procedures and ensure that your business is able to grow without incident.

H-1B Visas

The H-1B visa category is one of the most popular ways of bringing in qualified international employees to your business. This visa allows for international workers to come into the United States to perform work which requires, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification. Our team has ample experience successfully bringing H-1B employees in for our clients, and are available at any time to discuss options for your business.

L-1 Intracompany Transferee Status

The L nonimmigrant visa is the main avenue through which multinational companies send their key foreign employees to the United States to work for an American branch or affiliate company, or to begin a new branch office or subsidiary. This visa is available to managers, executives, or employees with specialized knowledge to bring their skills to the United States. If you are looking to transfer such an employee to one of your company’s U.S. locations, our office is available to discuss and work through the process with you.

E-1 and E-2 Treaty Traders and Investors

This visa is available for business owners, managers, and employees who conduct trade with the United States (E-1 Traders) or have substantial investments that they need to oversee (E-2 Investors). E-1 visas require that the applicant show that they are engaged in substantial trade between the United States and the foreign country as part of the principal activity of their enterprise. The E-2 visa requires that the applicant show that they have invested or are in the process of investing a substantial amount in the United States which they are at risk of losing.

To acquire either of these visas requires substantial documentation and paperwork. It’s not an undertaking you want to take on alone, and our attorneys are available to help you every step of the way.

TN Visas

Under the United States-Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA, previously known as NAFTA), citizens of Canada and Mexico may qualify for Trade NAFTA (TN) status to perform temporary services for U.S. Employers. Through this visa, professionals may enter to work in a profession specified in USMCA Chapter 16, Appendix 2, such as accountants, engineers, computer systems analysts and medical professionals. This visa is valid for an initial period of up to three years, and may be extended an indefinite number of times.

This visa has differing requirements for Mexican and Canadian citizens, and requires a number of documents from both the foreign national as well as their prospective U.S. employer. Our attorneys are available to discuss if your business meets the requirements and to assist you through every step of the process.

On-Site Visits and Immigration Seminars

As a courtesy, our firm can also carry out on-site visits to your business premises to discuss your immigration plans to ensure that your immigration strategies are optimal for your business. Further, we also provide free seminars to update your HR department and other personnel on immigration related topics so that they are equipped to properly navigate these often-complex issues. If you would be interested in a courtesy visit or a seminar from one of our business immigration attorneys, please contact us.

Other Corporate Services for inbound immigration

Out law firm also offers a wide array of services to help your company bring foreign talent into the U.S. and make sure they can remain or return without issue. These may include temporary business visitor visas, visas for persons of extraordinary abilities, work visas for foreign students, and many other options to suit your business’s specific needs. For those foreign workers whom you desire to retain in the U.S. permanently, we can help them in obtaining a green card which will allow them to stay and work in the U.S. indefinitely.

Corporate Services for outbound immigration

We can also help with outbound immigration matters for employees sent overseas. We can aid your workforce both in obtaining visas at the receiving country consulate in the U.S. as well as coordinating with foreign counsel to obtain work visas in the recipient country.

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