There are multiple immigration options available for foreign entrepreneurs to travel to the United States and invest in local businesses. Some options allow these individuals to permanently immigrate to the United States, while others permit foreign investors to live in the country temporarily.

Both processes can be time-consuming, and success is never guaranteed. To increase the odds of obtaining the right visa for your situation, you should speak with an employment immigration attorney. A Michigan investor visa lawyer can help you to understand each step of the process and work hard to get you the results you need.

Immigrant Visas for Entrepreneurs

One option for entrepreneurs seeking to obtain a green card is through an EB-5 visa. A successful application for this type of visa could lead to a green card for a foreign investor, plus their spouse and children under the age of 21.

The purpose of the EB-5 visa is to grant entry to individuals willing to invest in American companies; the goal is for that person to create jobs in the process. The required investment amount for this type of visa starts at $500,000 and must demonstrably create full-time employment positions in the United States.

Non-Immigrant Options

While an EB-5 visa is appropriate for some individuals, the requirements to qualify can be difficult to meet. One alternative for those who wish to invest within the United States without pursuing a green card is an E-2 visa.

While and E-2 visa, known as a treaty investor visa, might not put a foreign national on the direct path to citizenship, this option has fewer investment requirements compared to the EB-5. While there is no set limit on the amount a person should invest to qualify for an E-2 visa, a larger potential investment is more likely to result in a successful application. Crafting a compelling petition is a vital part of improving the odds of success for investor visas, which is why many potential investors choose to utilize the knowledge of immigration attorneys for their applications.

A successful E-2 visa application requires more than just the ability to make a sizeable investment, however. The government also considers what the proposed venture will require—as well as what will make it successful—and compares it to the investment amount the applicant is offering. An E-2 visa allows the applicant to bring their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 to the United States with them. These visas last two years, though an unlimited number of two-year extensions are available (assuming the applicant continues to meet all the requirements).

It is important to remember that only immigrants from certain companies may apply. To be eligible for an E-2 visa, an applicant must be from a treaty country. There are a number of countries that have an E-2 visa treaty with the United States, including Paraguay, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. An attorney in Michigan can help a foreign investor from any of these countries explore their visa options.

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