Businesses around the world are moving their workforce around the globe to expand and improve their enterprises. Our immigration attorneys’ knowledge, experience, and networking capabilities, allow us to coordinate your corporate immigration needs, including, bringing foreign nationals to the U.S., relocating international employees, and transferring key personnel, such as executives and managers, to and between foreign offices. If you need assistance with any of these needs, speak with one of our Michigan global immigration lawyers.

How an Attorney Could Address Global Immigration Needs

Visa requirements and consular processes are complex, fact-specific, and subject to change. Our experienced professionals are well-equipped to research and analyze the factors involved, develop a comprehensive strategy, and prepare the appropriate documents. Our attorneys in Michigan have plenty of experience handling global immigration cases and we could analyze your business needs in the context of immigration requirements. Additionally, we have served clients from around the world, including Canada, Mexico, India, China, South Korea, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, and France, representing employers in diverse fields, to include, business, manufacturing, engineering, medicine, law, education, restaurant & hospitality, retail, construction, graphic design, computer software, and more.

In addition to handling the full range of inbound U.S. immigration matters, we may also assist with your outbound immigration needs, including providing information and guidance if you need to:

  • Transfer U.S. employees to work sites or corporate offices in Europe, Asia, South America, or anywhere in the world;
  • Transfer non-U.S. employees of multinational corporations between any two foreign offices;
  • Secure a visa for a long-term business assignment, whether it is a visa to China, Mexico, Great Britain, or any other country;
  • Travel abroad to do business with overseas companies or branches, whether they be in Germany, Hong Kong, India, or anywhere in the world;
  • Obtain a work permit or a work visa for an employee to live and work in another country, be it Canada, Brazil, Japan, or elsewhere;
  • Obtain visas for short-term business trips to any number of countries; or
  • Obtain visas for an employee’s family members to travel and reside together.

We are happy to either assist you directly or put you in touch with local counsel specializing in addressing your specific situation. Please email inquiries to N. Peter Antone, our firm’s principal attorney or Justin D. Casagrande, firm partner. You are also welcome to contact our office and indicate that you have a global immigration matter to discuss. Our Michigan global immigration lawyers look forward to working with you.

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